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Dan April 4, 2011 Announcements

Shipping of your order can take up to 10 business days, excluding weekends & public holidays. Sometimes it can arrive sooner, but sometimes it can take longer.

Things that affect shipping - Weather, Natural disasters (they don't have to be in your area or ours to affect the post!), Technical problems, Security laws, Human errors & the most common of all Customs delays.

We try to give you a close as possible estimate as to when you will receive your order, but we do not control the postal system.

If your order does not arrive within 3 weeks of us shipping it, then we suggest you check with your local postal office (they may send out letters, but sometimes even those can get lost!) & let us know via email that you haven't received your order & we can check the address you gave us or we may have some information as to why it would be delayed.

Dan April 4, 2011 Tips & Tricks

When you are uploading a logo or a picture for us to embroider onto your chosen cap, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1- a JPEG, BITMAP, Gif, Tiff or PNG are the best formats for us to work with.

2- You do not need to give us a picture that has the same colour background as the cap. When we digitize your logo, we are basically tracing your design in stitches, so we can change any colours easily to suit your needs.

2- We cannot embroider photographs. There is simply too many colours & shades for it to turn out looking good.

3- We can only embroider logos onto the front of the caps, as there is very little room on the back.

4- The size of the embroidery space on a standard cap is 2inches high (50mm) by 4inches wide(120mm). & half the height on Military & visors.

5- We always make sure we keep the design in proportion & size it so that it looks good on your cap.